My Colonial Life and Colon Cancer Symptoms – Lessons From My Colonic Cleanse

My Colonial Life and Colon Cancer Symptoms - Lessons From My Colonic Cleanse

This is part two of a two-part series on my Colonial life and health. Read part one here. My research led me to find that over one hundred fifty years ago, the life of a typical person in America was much different from what we know today. In this article we will look at what can be done to maintain a healthy lifestyle today, even though the Colon Cancer statistics may have dropped.

Over one hundred fifty years ago, most people lived an extremely active life. They traveled back and forth across the country, carried goods and cargo, hunted animals, collected fruits and vegetables, planted crops, and cleaned out barns, ditches, and sewers. Children were brought up to care for their parents and household was as large as it was. Unlike the modern household where the parents are the only caregivers, the Colonial lifestyle required that children are cared for even when they were young. Some Colonists became sick or developed serious colon cancer symptoms during their early adulthood.

For my research, I turned to historical documents to find information about my Colonization days. It was amazing to read through the accounts of the hardships that my friends suffered. In many cases, diseases that we face today were deadly. Many of my friends had to go into the colon after suffering from measles, smallpox, or even pneumonia. Many died from smallpox or measles, and some died from colon cancer symptoms including bilious colitis, typhoid, or cholera. Even though my father suffered from many of these same ailments, he never felt comfortable talking about them.

I began searching online for stories about colon cancer symptoms. I found stories that described the devastation of one woman’s colon cleansing ordeal. It was difficult to imagine that her colon would cause so much pain. The question to me was, “How did she deal with it?” It turns out that she was using natural methods of colon cleansing that were designed to help with the pain.

When someone suffers from colon cancer symptoms, it is important to get diagnosed right away. Colon Cancer diagnosis could be life saving. If you’re unsure whether or not you have colon cancer, you should visit your doctor immediately. It’s possible that you do not even have it.

My Colonial Life, and colon cancer symptoms are lessons for all of us. Colon cancer is not something that we should face. We all need to learn about colon health. It’s really that simple. If you want to know what your colon is like now, or want to know if you have colon problems, there are several excellent books on the market that can help you learn more. They’re easy to read, and they’re not expensive.


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